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Past Males of Katareece Cattery


Viakvarelle Elisej

Brown Classic Tabby & White.



Supreme Grand-Champion
Sterlingbrits Chase

Silver Classic Tabby & White

2012 NINTH BEST SHORTHAIR CAT OF THE YEAR in South Central Region for the 2010-11 show season

2012 BEST BRITISH SHORTHAIR OF THE YEAR in South Central Region for the 2010-11 show season

2012 SIXTEENTH BEST CAT OF THE YEAR in South Central Region for the 2010-11 show season




TGC Earigami Sterling Star
of Katareece


Sterling got 5 finals in his first TICA show receiving a Best Cat of 43 in the championship class. He also received 2nd, 5th, 7th & 10th place finals.

Sterling earned his TICA double-grand champion title at his second show in Oklahoma City, OK show on 4-27 & 28, 2013

Sterling earned his Triple-grand-champion title at the Fort Worth Feline Fanciers Texas show on 6-1-13. He received 4 finals in All Breed rings a 3rd Best Cat, 2- 4th Best Cat, & 6th Best Cat.



GC Divinedesign Zakenkane
of Katareece

Gulf Shore Region
Best Tabby British Shorthair
2006-2007 season.

Cream Spotted Tabby

Photo by Preston Smith



CH Nimloth Paint Me Silver

Paint is owned by Bob & Lyn Smirl of Sterlingbrits Cattery in Canada.

He has a great British body type with crisp, plush coat and apple green eyes. He passes these wonderful traits to his offspring and we are so happy to be working with his impressive bloodlines.

He is visiting with us in 2013- 2014 to breed some of our new Brit females.

Thanks so much Lyn for this opportunity!



CH Robocat Onthinice of Katareece

Call name: England

England is very calm and regal. He has great boning and a wonderful round British head with a strong muzzle.

England's parents are Robocat Silver TwoSoxx and Robocat StormyMonday.

Click Here for Robocat Big Picture!


GC Belnute Regal Reginald
of Katareece

Gulf Shore Region 2nd Best British Shorthair
Best of Color-Blue 2006-2007 season

Blue British Shorthair

Photos by Blue Bayou

GC Earratic Thomas Sawyer
of Katareece

Living with Aegean.

CFA National 3rd Best of Breed Longhair Folds
Gulf Shore Region 2nd Best of Breed Longhair
Fold & 2nd Best of Color
(Tabby & White 2006-2007 season)

Cream Mac Tabby & White longhair

Great producer
Very nice quality with sweet personality.


CH. Katareece Elvis

Going to live with Arlisa in Taiwan!

Black Scottish Fold

CFA Grand Pointed

Four B Batman

Black & White Scottish Fold

Now living with the Layton family in Georgia

GC Coupari Phantom
Of The Op'ear'a

Black & White Shorthair

CFA 2007-2008 Southern Region 2nd Best Shorthair Fold Kitten & National 2nd Best of Color Shorthair Scottish Fold Bi-Color Division.




GC BW Katareece Loves To Boogie

CFA Grand-Champion

Red Mackerel Tabby & White

CFA National Best of Breed-Longhair Fold
Gulf Shore Region Best of Breed Longhair Fold
Best of Color
(Tabby & White 2006-2007 season)

2005-2006 Gulf Shore Region Best of Breed
Scottish Fold-Longhair division also Best of Color Class Red Mac Tabby-White longhair.
4th Best of Breed longhair division Nationally 2005-2006 season in CFA.


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