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2018 Testimonies


Hi Kathy:

My name is Madeleine Kemp.  I purchased a cat from you 4 years ago for my sister in Washington DC.

Just wanted to send a little day maker and show you how well he is doing.

My sister loves him to pieces.

Thank you for breeding such high quality cats!



It's been a few weeks since we brought home sweet Minerva. She quickly settled into our lives, and is actually our favorite of the three fur-babies!

She gets along well with her two brothers, and has become the tiny boss of the household. She is the perfect little companion, always at my heels whenever I'm in the house.

She isn't quite a lap cat, but loves to be on the arm of the couch while I'm reading, and on my desk while I'm painting.

We love her SO much and are extremely pleased to have get in our lives.

Thanks for breeding such a wonderful kitten.

Randa Morgan


Hey there, Kathy!!!

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you a few pics of Sugar as she has grown quite a bit! She is the best cat, ever.... oh my word I think I’ve heard the words I’m not a cat person but Sugar, she’s made me one! A dozen times from my friends and family since bringing her home. She is part cat, part monkey. She loves to play, climb, and practically hang off my second story overhang which gives her mom a heart attack.  She is resilient, friendly, and incredibly cuddly!

She has remained healthy besides the bouts of diarrhea we’ve had since getting her. My vet is IN LOVE with her. I almost didn’t get her back.

I want to thank you for quickly facilitating the adoption process for me and making things super easy. I can tell she was very well socialized as a kitten as she LOVES humans. She is everything I could have wished for and more. Sugar has been a huge blessing to us. I will want another one of these days, and when that time comes around I’ll be calling you!

Madi Wade


Hi Kathy!
Just thought I would update you on baby Paddington. He is growing fast and the happiest kitty ever! He is everything my heart desired....sweet, loving, purr maniac, playful, always with me, and excessive personality. He loves my 16 year old daughter and follows her everywhere and sleeps on her pillow or under the covers on her feet. He cannot stand to be left out of anything and pouts when I leave him home alone. Every guest adores him and he chirps a greeting and frolics about for our entertainment. He has determined that he is a corgi or corgis are cats and follows them everywhere, jumping on them when possible. One corgi ignores him and still chases him away from food but the other is intrigued and plays with him often. I just cannot thank you enough for this little wonder of a feline! He is loved and cherished and adored by all!

Hope all is well with you both! He is sleeping on my lap while I write to you!


Dear Kathy,

Please find attached a photo of Rex and Max. Rex, the Scottish Fold, and Max, British Longhair, have become the best of buddies. We got Max from your cattery about a year and half ago before deciding he needed a buddy. Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendation as they have provided my family and I so much happiness and laughter.
Take care,  Terri


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