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2013 Testimonies

TestimonyBuddaScottieThought you might want a couple photos of the boys.  They are all grown up now. 

Scottie is the classic Buddha cat always sitting up of hanging in some odd position.  Mac is always prim and proper and so very affectionate!  

They travel with us and have been boating since they arrived in July 2011.

Diana Del Montier

Hi Kathy,

TestimonyBenI just wanted to let you know how amazing our kitten Ben is! He is the sweetest, most lovable, and purry kitten ever! He is friendly with everyone he meets, including children, dogs, and other cats. He loves going with me to Petsmart where he always draws an attentive crowd of onlookers.

He went to his first cat show last weekend and loved traveling and staying in the hotel.  He was so content and happy to clown around and ham it up for the judges. I've never seen a cat get so many kisses from the judges! He loved every minute of it, and I beamed with joy watching him show off! He was absolutely stunning and beautiful!

Ben is such a special part of our family, and we love him so much! Thank you for entrusting us with this special boy! He is a gorgeous Brit with the most wonderful temperament and purrsonality ever!

Grace Bluerock

TestimonyBinxA picture of Mr Binx.  

He is king of my daughters apartment.

TestimonyTigerHi Kathy:

Just letting you know that Tiger is doing well!

We ADORE him - he is just gorgeous and the girls love him to death! After the first few days when he was a bit shy he is now running the house and has everyone at his beck and call!

He has been so good with the toileting - I have two trays for him and he always uses them! We have also had our first visit to the vet and have registered his microchip but he stays inside and runs about the house so just a safety precaution really.

Please find attached a photo of him relaxing with our middle daughter! He is much loved!

Thanks a lot!

Leah Smith

I'm having such a good time with my kitten, Toby. He's very active, smart, and sweet. I've taken him to my office to meet clients and coworkers, and everyone remarks on how pretty he is. One day he met about 20 kids of many ages (2 at a time, not all at once!), and he coped well with some awkward petting; it was as if some of them had never pet a cat, which may be true! Toby even met my 4-year-old nephew--who likes to do the opposite of whatever he's told--and never scratched him (though he did hide under the bed a lot!). 

Toby seems to get more beautiful every day. His face sometimes looks like his father's sometimes like his mother's. I think his eyes may be copper, not green. Sometimes I think I see a thin, green ring around the black pupil, though. At what age will his eyes reach their final color?

Thank you for a beautiful, sweet kitten!


Carmen and husband love their new baby - quote she has been here 4 hours and is already the boss.

They are thrilled.

Tom Slane

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know that his registration came. Thank you. I haven't had a chance to do more than glance at it, but will on Sunday when I'm off work.

Also, Sandi Mattingly has agreed to become my mentor. She's the TICA judge I told you about that has been so helpful and nice. She lives in the Phoenix area, but I'm going to take the kittens up for her to look at when we're both back from vacation the latter part of September. I'll let you know what she has to say.

He continues to be a real joy, so friendly, wild and wooly! He hasmastered running to the very top of the big cat tree, and delights in launching himself off of it onto our overstuffed leather chair, where he then pauses, preens (very proud kitty!), and races off to conquer yet another imaginary foe. The next moment he is apt to leap into one of our laps, curl up, and set to purring happily before he takes a cat nap. He's truly wonderful.

His first bath will be next weekend. Chris Christensen did not seem to have a shampoo for silvers, so if you have any other recommendation as far as shampoos I'd appreciate it. I did get a clarifying shampoo that was recommended, so I will use that next week. He's been very good about having his nails done.

Best Wishes, Cam

Hi Kathy,

 Just wanted to let you know we made it home in fine shape.  He and I had a little loving at the hotel with him lose in the bathroom.  He peed in our make-shift litter box, then we headed for the airport.   I did have to take him out of his carrier at security, but did just what you suggested and he was quiet and good as could be.  The first leg of the trip’s takeoff and landing were pretty scary, but it seemed better for him the 2nd time.  I held him in the carrier on my lap whenever I could with my hand in the carrier petting him if he wanted.  He learned quickly that he wasn’t going to get to come out so stopped trying.  Even scared as he must have been, he’d purr and lay on his side so I could rub his tummy and ears.  Finally, the last hour of the flight from DFW to Tucson he fell asleep, and snoozed in the car in the carrier on my lap.  I think he agrees with you about DFW, we had to take the sky tram from one end of the airport to the other and he did not like the screeching rail noises at all.

Once we got home we put him into his room, with the cat tree, cuddle bed, carrier, litter box, food, water, etc.  He promptly came out of the carrier, explored a bit, peed and pooed, played with a little ball, cuddled with my husband who was sitting on the floor, and then went back into his carrier for a nap.  He hasn’t eaten so far or drunk anything, but we’ve left him to have some peace and quiet for a while. 

Thank you again.  You should be very proud of your little boy.  He has been amazingly brave, friendly, and sweet through a tough day! 

I hope you made it home safe and sound and that your flooring project is going well.  You had a long day yourself.

If you have chance to send a copy of his health records tomorrow morning I would appreciate it.  His appointment for his health check is late morning. 

Best wishes,



I just wanted to let you know that our girl, Fiona is a joy for us. Duncan wishes to play with her all day. But we supervise closely because of the age and size difference. Fiona is fearless and has a very distinct personality.

The ride home to Texas was pleasant. She took to the car like it was just another adventure. If we ever get another kitten, I know it will come from you. We are grateful.


Jo Ann Martin


Dear Kathy,

Sorry to be getting back to you so late! Andrew and I got married last week, so things have been pretty crazy. Sophie is doing very well! She is sweet, cuddly, and loves to eat. She loves our other cat, Padraig, and they play together all the time. How exciting that her sister is doing so well in kitten shows! I'm not at all surprised though, given how adorable the family is. I've attached a few pictures of Sophie.




Can you send me a couple of pics of your kittens? We adopted Maddy 6 years ago. She's wonderful. Thinking about adopting another kitten one of these day. 

We have a large house. No kids. 6 other cats. We live in CO now.

Erica Blake


Jeronimo is doing well. He is growing bigger everyday. He loves to play, run around the house, and climb his cat tree. He is such a good boy and he has been a blessing in our lives I have attached a few pictures of him.

Congratulations to you and his sister for doing so good at the show.

Please send pictures of his sister. We would love to see them.



Hi Kathy,

Thanks for letting me know the news. We are interested in new litters but planning to adopt kittens a few year later from you (Since we think Chase is so handsome and all your cats are so gentle and cute!!). However, we have friends who want to adopt a kitten so will let them know (I already let them know :D). Thanks again about the happy news.

Yaku always follows me around everywhere
like a dog.

Thanks, Emma


Hi Kathy,  Hope this finds you well.

I am Emma who live in NJ and adopted your kitten last year. Our new family member (Yaku) is having a great time with us and she is our love and happy. Today, I am writing this e-mail to ask pics of kittens you just posted. I am interested in the litter from Chase and Starlett. At this time, we want to adopt a male kitten who can be a perfect friend of Yaku and our new family. Would you send the pics of them? And, want to see their mother's pics too.

Thanks, Emma


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