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2017 Testimonies

Hi Kathy,
All went well last night with no issues. Our new baby was purring and exploring very early this morning and has been eating and drinking just fine. He was a little shy at first, as expected, and hid under my daughters chair in her room which is for now the kitten nursery. However, when we peeked at him he would instantly start purring! After an hour or two, he came out and asked for endless loving and started playing and running about. He is now upstairs with Melanie in her room while she is trying to do her homework.... don’t think that will happen!! He seems to be adjusting quickly to such a big change in his life and he is so full of love!! He is truly the cutest, sweetest kitten and I thank you so much for the work you put into raising him so tenderly! I will keep you posted on his milestones as the days go by!
Thank you again for letting us adopt this bundle of love!

Hey Kathy,

I just wanted to send you a pic seeing how well things are going. I have named him Willoughby. He is doing great. He and Fairfax are getting along fine, particularly when I bring out the toys and they play together. They aren't exactly best friends yet, but they are definitely adjusting to each other fine. I haven't registered him yet, but will do it in the next few days. I wanted to be sure of his name first.



This cat is so happy.
If I can't find him,
I just listen for purring and I can always
find him.

Stephanie Rhodes


Hey Kathy, 

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful kitten and give you an update.  After the long drive home, he was pretty stressed but by ten or eleven that night he was ready to play.  I felt some bonding begin by mid day Thursday, and by Friday, he was my constant companion.  I am even amazed by how my older cat is taking to him.  They  haven't bonded by any stretch of the imagination yet, but they can tolerably be in the same room without any hissing, and Fairfax is even making playful overtures to him.  He does still scare him a bit, but he is very curious about the older cat.  I am guessing within a week they will be good friends.

He is eating well, eliminating well and very comfortable in his quarters.  He had a great checkup with my vet. 

I am amazed at how open and friendly he is after just a few days.  

I will keep you posted as things progress, but so far, it couldn't be better! 


I see you are still in the kitty business.  Good for you.  Ten years ago, we purchased Willow, a Scottish Fold, and Dakota, an Exotic Shorthair from Katareece Cattery.

I want you to know that they are doing great.  Both are healthy with allergies being the only issue for Willow. They have made us so happy during these years.  Willow is funny, independent and likes to sleep on top of me-feet, chest and even on my hip, if I am lying on my side. Dakota is incredibly sweet and a great huntress.  She will kill any fly that dares to sneak into the house. Thank goodness, she won’t eat them.  She just enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

I hope that all of your customers have the kinds of experiences we have had.  Both of our cats have given us so much joy these last ten years and, hopefully will for another ten years.

Thanks.  Olivia Reis



Where is Athena?

We turned the light on to see where she was at and we found her here!   LOL


Hi Kathy,

I have seen some new litters posted on your Katareece Facebook and web page and the kittens are gorgeous! I am looking for a playmate for Maximus, a male British Longhair, red silver shaded cat from litter SBV 020216 CC. I'd like to purchase another male longhair. Max is truly one of the handsomest, smartest, and sweetest cats I've ever had. Please find attached a photo of him in our kitchen.




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