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2015 Testimonies

Samantha Marie Hicks 11-29-15

Me and my Fiance are very happy and are enjoying life with our new baby kitten, Wednesday. She is the most softest and a very playful kitty I've ever had. She loves going out for walks on a leash with us and she loved to sleep on the window sill next to the window. We couldn't be any more happy with Katareece Cattery and I recommend everyone who asks where we got her to check them out!


Patricia Barbini Feldman 10-4-15. 

5 star-Excellent. Sweet, beautiful and cute kitten arrived at home!!!

Thank you so much


Hello, I just took a great pic of Bowie and wanted to share it. This is his favorite spot in the house. :) Thanks for doing such a great job with your kitties. He's just beautiful and his personality is fantastic!
Also, will you be sending his papers this week? Wanted to check on that.
Thanks again so much!



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