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2016 Testimonies

Hello Kathy!

I purchased a cat from you back in January, and he is just the greatest little guy (I'm attaching a picture of him). I've been thinking of getting him a little friend, and decided to look back at your website since I have had such a great experience with him.




Jamie Armstrong Wise DVM 12-3-2015

Couldn't have asked for a more perfect cat. He is so friendly and the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. Dealing with Kathy was a pleasure! Thank you for all that you do!


Kristin Renee Reddin 11-29-2015

We have the sweetest kitten ever from Katareece Cattery, his name is Batman. He follows my 3 year old around and never leaves her side. He even let's her push him in a baby doll stroller. He plays with her and sleeps with her every night! He has the best personality.


Olivia Nolan 11-29-2015

I can't say enough good things about Katareece or our sweet boy, Finn. Everybody who meets the kitten we received from Katareece immediately falls in love with him. He's now on the homepage of our vet's website. I've taken to calling him "Mr. Beautiful." Seriously-the softest, sweetest, SMARTEST, playful kitten I ever could have hoped for. He has no problems being held and sleeps next to my head every night. He's added so much to our quality of life. Thank you for the great experience so far and all the wonderful memories left to be made.


Lisa Duncan Feldman 6-16-16

My family and I could not be more pleased with our boy, Auggie, from Katareece Cattery. He is perfect in every way. As a British Shorthair, he is very typical of the breed profile. Kathy does an outstanding job of ensuring the kittens are well socialized and able to keep up with a very hands on child. Most importantly, Auggie is happy and healthy. If you are looking for a British Shorthair, Katareece Cattery will not disappoint. Thank you, Kathy for the wonderful addition to our family.


From Angie Watkins 3-3-16

We took Willow to the vet this morning & she is doing great!! Thank you for all you do!! We appreciate you!!  The vet was so excited about her being a full breed. Said they don't see many. She got so many compliments & they asked where she came from. I told them all about you, your page, & website. They said her markings were gorgeous.
She is a sweetheart. Our girls were so very excited about their surprise!


Hi Kathy.

Scott here. We got to boys from you last February. Here's a current pic of them at my moms house.

Happy and healthy as can be.

Scott in Kansas City.


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